Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Delectiable Dude

As much of a wild boy that my Gabriel can be he can also completly melt my heart. I just wanted to share a few of my melting moments of the past week. Earlier this week we had a spider in the hall. Gabe yelled "Mommy we have to kill the spider ". Several hours later he came up to me with a very serious face, and said "Mommy do you think that spider had a family that is sad that we killed him". My second melting moment was Sunday night. We were saying his bedtime prayers, and we saud "Thankyou Jesus for my church friends" to this Gabe replied "I don't have church friends. I have a church family." Moment number three...Elizabeth was crying, and Gabe walked over to her and said "It's ok girl. Your big brother is here now"

On a funny note..when I asked him Sunday afternoon what he learned about in church he said "YOu know mom just Peter, Paul, and animals"