Monday, June 21, 2010

Gabriel Talks to God

This past week we had VBS at church. On the first night Gabe got into trouble for pulling a girls dress. After VBS that night I asked him what he learned he said "Ms. Stephanie tried to teach me to not pull dresses". I had to hide my giggle. Later when we said his prayers with him he was just about to say amen, but he stoped, and threw his hands in the air, and with all the emotion in his little body he said "DEAR GOD! Help me to not pull girls dresses" this point he pauses, takes a deep breath, and said "and God I don't think I should pull skirts either"

Love that boy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And time goes by...Way To Fast

In two months my baby girl will be one year old!!! How did this happen? Where did time go? I feel like somewhere I have missed something, but I'm sure I haven't because I have been with her 24-7 since she came home form the hospital, but somehow I feel like there was a time warp, and we jumped into the future. Perhaps it is because I know she will be my last baby, or it could be that I have done all this before, and with Gabe we just felt like a year was so much longer because we were new, and terrified parents, or it could be that we have spent half our time over the past 10 months at the Dr. office, but whatever it is I want to freeze time. Soon she won't want me to hold her, or hug her in public (Gabe has reached this point, and he is only four. It breaks my heart because he gives the best hugs.), and all to soon I will have to worry about piercings, short skirts, and boys named Brick. Time goes by...Way to fast.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

He makes me laugh again

So yesterday Gabe and our sweet neighbor Carson, who we now have the joy of spending our day with, were eating lunch. Carson had been rubbing his eyes, so I knew he was tired, but I wanted him to get to finish his lunch, but it didn't happen. Carson laid his head down and went to sleep on the spot. Gabe looks at Carson, and then up at me, and says "Oh no Mom, I think we might have killed him." Once again he had me laughing.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Gabe's night out

This past Friday Gabe tried to spend the night with Randy's parents. Notice I said TRIED. At about 10:45 the phone rang. It was the mother-in-law informing us that Gabe told her that he did not belong there, and he had to go home to his mommy, daddy, and sissy, so randy had to go and retrieve our boy. When he got home I asked him what happened. He got very serious, and said "I could smell danger" I told him I was sure he was not in danger. He replied "Yes I was they ganged up on me. Nanny said I think it's time for bed, and Paw Paw said that's right." I told him they were trying to help him rest because they want him to grow big and strong. His response...."I doubt that Mom. I'm going to bed."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Such a funny little dude

So today Gabe was being such a good boy, so I let him pick out some candy at the store. It was chocolate (as if there were anything other than chocolate). We left the store, and Gabe had it in the back seat with him. A few moments later I hear "Wow mom, I don't think I have ever been this dirty!" I looked back and his hands were covered front and back with chocolate. There was not an inch of his little pasty hands showing. I started to laugh a little, but then he said "Mommy I guess I look good enough to eat" I lost it at that point.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

From the mouth of Gabe

I am thinking that I need to start a new blog and just call it what Gabe said. I just can't help I have to share my Gabe moments since last night. Before he went to bed he said "Mommy I love you from left to right" Talk about melting my heart. Last night it was storming, and this morning when he woke up he said "mommy Mr. Sun came out and he chased that mean old storm away, and that makes me happy" Just now he told me that his train needed new batteries, but they have to come from Wal-Mart because those are the good ones, and the others just don't last.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh, that boy of mine. This morning he said "Mom I don't like Daddy anymore". When I asked him why he said "Because he is always acting like a rock star." I don't know what this means but it was funny. There was a pregnant lady standing outside the store smoking. Gabe went to the door and yelled "Get out of here with that smoke. We dont want any of that business." In his least he knows smoking is wrong. Monday I took him to the Dr. because he had a sore tummy. His tummy was fine, but he did have strep. He said "Mommy please don't tell anyone I have Strep. It is so embarassing". I asked him if he knew what strep was, and he said "It's just bad Mom, and thats all" Oh, I love that boy!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Delectiable Dude

As much of a wild boy that my Gabriel can be he can also completly melt my heart. I just wanted to share a few of my melting moments of the past week. Earlier this week we had a spider in the hall. Gabe yelled "Mommy we have to kill the spider ". Several hours later he came up to me with a very serious face, and said "Mommy do you think that spider had a family that is sad that we killed him". My second melting moment was Sunday night. We were saying his bedtime prayers, and we saud "Thankyou Jesus for my church friends" to this Gabe replied "I don't have church friends. I have a church family." Moment number three...Elizabeth was crying, and Gabe walked over to her and said "It's ok girl. Your big brother is here now"

On a funny note..when I asked him Sunday afternoon what he learned about in church he said "YOu know mom just Peter, Paul, and animals"