Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh, that boy of mine. This morning he said "Mom I don't like Daddy anymore". When I asked him why he said "Because he is always acting like a rock star." I don't know what this means but it was funny. There was a pregnant lady standing outside the store smoking. Gabe went to the door and yelled "Get out of here with that smoke. We dont want any of that business." In his least he knows smoking is wrong. Monday I took him to the Dr. because he had a sore tummy. His tummy was fine, but he did have strep. He said "Mommy please don't tell anyone I have Strep. It is so embarassing". I asked him if he knew what strep was, and he said "It's just bad Mom, and thats all" Oh, I love that boy!

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  1. LOL!! There is a journal made for you... it is called "My Quotable Kid" and it is so mom's can keep track of all the fun things their kids say! I might get just get one.