Monday, April 12, 2010

Gabe's night out

This past Friday Gabe tried to spend the night with Randy's parents. Notice I said TRIED. At about 10:45 the phone rang. It was the mother-in-law informing us that Gabe told her that he did not belong there, and he had to go home to his mommy, daddy, and sissy, so randy had to go and retrieve our boy. When he got home I asked him what happened. He got very serious, and said "I could smell danger" I told him I was sure he was not in danger. He replied "Yes I was they ganged up on me. Nanny said I think it's time for bed, and Paw Paw said that's right." I told him they were trying to help him rest because they want him to grow big and strong. His response...."I doubt that Mom. I'm going to bed."

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