Thursday, July 14, 2011

The ladies man

I am going to have to watch this boy!  He asked me yesterday if he could have some paper to draw a card for his "girlfriend" Kayla.  He drew her a card and said "Do you kow why I made her this card mom?  It's to ask her on a date. If we go on a date then we can get maried, and then if we get married then we can kiss"  WOW!! I do not know where he get it from!!  I told him that sounded serious, and what if Kayla didn't want to get married.  Gabe replied " There are some pretty good looking girls at church to, and  I bet I can meet all kinds of girls at school."  I asked him why he didn't try to be friends with some of the boys.  He said " Oh I have friends that are boys, but I want some "girlfriends" Girls are just prettier than boys"  Last night we went to Knight's and in the produce section was lady with her twin daughters.  Gabe walked up to the girls, who were 8, and said " Hey are you two sisters?  Do you know any Thomas songs?" No the girls said " Thats ok, I know plenty"  At this point Gabe proceded to sing an entire Thomas song to the girls while he danced.  When we went to check out they were in the lane next to us, and came over to our lane to talk to Gabe....I guess the song was effective.

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