Friday, September 30, 2011

They grow up, and they grow up, and they grow up.......

So last month Gabe started Kindergarten, and Ella turned 2 within one week.  My heart was breaking, but I have learned that I am getting to give Ella more time, and Gabe is having a blast at school, and honestly I can't wait each day to hear his story of the day.  I seriously should start writing them down, so we have them forever.  They are pretty good, and they always have something to do with the monkey bars.  In the latest one the play ground opened up and swallowed the unhappy recess duty teacher and replaced her with Ms. Williams because she is happy.....I said unhappy teacher to protect her identity....he called her out by name.

Ella has developed a baditude!  She is a diva in all aspects.  Randy was getting on to her last night, and she looked at him and said "Aye aye captain"....I could not help it I laughed out loud....Randy did not.  As bad as she can be she can also be that sweet, and loving, and just a cuddle bug!  She is always asking "Mommy can I hep you"  I know its bad, but I hope she never gets the "L" in the word help.

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